Welcome to the Z.S. Consulting Group Inc.


The Z.S. Consulting Group Inc. provides a full range of services for healthcare and human service agencies. 


Patient quality and safety is an ever growing concern facing health care institutions today as it relates to costs and services. The Z.S. Consulting Group provides quality and safety/regulatory compliance consulting for health care providers including hospitals, long term care facilities emergency medical services (EMS) providers as well as human service agencies who provide services such as adult foster care.


Z.S. Consulting provides Emergency Medical Services (EMS) educational services. It has received blanket approval from the Office of Emergency Medical Services for several continuing education courses.  Z.S. Consulting also has course offerings for health care providers in hospital, health center and long term care facility settings. All of our current offerings are listed on our educational services page.


Z. S. Consulting provides grant writing services. It has completed the registration process and is eligible to apply for grants to the federal government.


In our current fiscal environment where more and more agencies are seeking the same limited resources raising funds for your organization is becoming more challenging. Z.S. Consulting can provide its expertise in advising your organization how to best to plan your fund raising activities to maximize your fund raising potential.

Z.S. Consulting is based just south of Boston, in Braintree, MA.